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Chlamydia Screening Campaign

Tontine_A1 NHS

The style is young and vibrant yet conforms to NHS Brand Guidelines. Completed target (50,000 screens) ahead of schedule.


'Keep the LOVE, lose the BUG' was aimed at 16-25 year olds. The campaign was run through a network of outreach workers connecting directly with this youth market.


A ‘Love Bug’ branded VW Camper Van was also proposed to visit youth groups and night clubs ...a great way for outreach workers to create a vibrant event around each visit. Screening easily carried out at the same time and games with suitable prizes (such as 'Dirty Stopout Kits' - capsule containing: toothbrush/mini paste/face wipe/comb/condom/flyer with campaign message), to keep the atmosphere light.


Pharmacies and GP were also supported with displays and targeted material.

“Caron had a great feel for our young audience and created a style that appealed to a multi-cultural youth market, within NHS Brand Guidelines.”

Sharon Hinds-Davis.


* campaign concept

* design and artwork

* headline copy


* postcards* flyers* posters

* 'business card' 8pp flyers

* freestanding 'pull-up' banner

You- Gimme

A6 4pp, nightclub flyer

A6 postcard

A6 flyer

A1 nightclub poster

Outreach team polo shirts

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