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HomeBuy was a government scheme to help first time buyers onto the property ladder. The brief was to improve on a previous brochure that had failed to engage the (mostly) young audience.


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* design/illustration concept

* design and artwork

* headline copy

As these schemes are governed by FSA, they have some heavy duty 'legalese' text, so an 'at a glance' section was added to enable the salient points to be less scary and easy to digest.


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Orbit Help to Buy Agents' revised newsletter - renamed The Homing Pigeon for a welcoming tone. It's informative, yet chatty and aimed primarily at stakeholders who receive it via Mailchimp. The style is inviting, business-like yet friendly with clean, bold graphics to break up the text and invite the reader in, as they scoll down. Articles are interactive with weblinks and downloads.

The newsletter is also available as download from Orbit's website, so tone and content make it ideal for clients too.

* design/illustration concept

* design and artwork for Mailchimp

* design and artwork for PDF download


Teleceta mailing to HA property managers. Their clever software interacts with field workers, saving organisations six figure sums and streamlining efficiency.


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