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English Eclectics

Brand development for a new online retailer, from woven labels for garments to point-of-sale, website design and promotional print.

* Branding

* Woven labels

* Swing Tags

* Postcard

* Point of sale

* Packaging

* Website design

* Copy writing

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Website design

A5 postcard design

Soap HCream

Packaging design

T+M+Spray T+MLabel

Tom & Mills

Brand development for a new retailer of handmade and vintage items. Stylish typographic logo, designed to be used with forget-me-not flowers or standalone, as necessary.

“I'm delighted with the logos. In fact, my hubbie, who's usually very critical, liked them all! Caron really listened and  interpreted my brief to the letter. The final version is really flexible and should prove a good investment.”

Clare Baskott

New Business Start-up