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Local Development Framework


Complies with Cherwell's Corporate Brand Guidelines.

I was recommended to Cherwell DC following two successful photographic projects. The client was required to engage with the public in a new government-lead planning initiative: LDF. The concept of ‘space’ was developed from reading the LDF White Paper.


Initially, the brief was to generate a range of photographs that could be developed into graphics. However, as the subject was future planning, I recommended an illustrative approach. It needed to project an idea of how  the region could evolve, without being recognisable as anywhere in particular. I worked closely with a supportive client to research and write a detailed brief. Then I commissioned the illustrator to create this adaptable Vector image for use across all graphics.

* 'space' concept

* design and artwork

* Comissioned illustrator

* Headline copy


* 12pp brochure

* 6 x 'space' pull-up banners

* 14 x consultation banners

* 8 x display panels/units

* 3 panel Nomadic

* 12 document covers

* Postcard

Postcard to engage Parish Councils.

Displays designed to be used singly or as a whole.

“Caron delivered a bright, engaging and flexible set of print materials, on brief and well before the agreed deadline. I found the work to be unique and it encapsulated the strategic nature of our work... I highly recommend Caron to anyone seeking to produce printed matter.”

Astrid Blackburn,

Community Engagement Officer, Cherwell District Council

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12pp brochure cover